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VNATION! empowers the creative journeys of its artists and creatives to stand out in a copycat marketplace. We don’t shortsightedly chase streams – we build stars.

While some chase creativity without a strategy, we pursue innovation, delivering long-term relevance and success for our artists and catalog.

We believe in the genuine, not the contrived.

In 2019, VNATION! welcomed music industry veteran Jojo Brim as CEO. Jojo is recognized as a passionate, creative, and results-driven executive in the entertainment industry. His love for music and passion for humanity is the driving force behind 25+ years of success in the entertainment industry, as well as ten years as a certified transformational trainer.

Through Jojo’s wealth of experience, VNATION! challenges its creatives to redefine what it means to be different- to interrupt. Jojo Brim has been providing creatives with vehicles to share their stories with the world for more than 25 years. His clients and projects alone have amassed an astonishing $20+ million in sales and over 500 million streams to date and growing.

VNATION!’s responsibility is to make memorable entertainment that speaks to humanity’s desire to find connection and purpose. We take pride in being a space where artists can tell their stories honestly.

It’s more than just the real; it’s authentic.