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Kev Rodgers


Kev Rodgers, 26-year-old New Jersey native, has been producing music since the age of 14. Today, Kev is an established, charting producer and performs his soulful hip-hop with swag and a sense of fun.

An accomplished rapper, singer and producer in the studio, and a gifted actor, dancer and poet, he brings his diverse talents to a loud, electrifying and always elevated musical style. As a performer, tracks such as 2016’s “MyBad” from his 2017 debut album “B.A.D. Things” (“BAD” stands for “Beauty and Depression”) explore the beauty of our accomplishments as well as the stark reality of our struggles with family, friends, health and even spiritual issues. These themes return in Kev Rodgers’ second album, 2018’s “The Rare One Story”, which presents colorful explorations of the good and the bad, in an overarching story arc based on a journey through an RPG video game (narrated by Bulgarian collaborator Dorothy Takev). And in 2020’s “It Is What It Is”, a collaboration with NYC-based hip-hop artist Niko Brim, Kev Rodgers explores universal themes of love, loss and rebound.

In Kev’s words, “I’ve heard folks say I’ve got a certain swaggy way about me. For sure part of my personality is influenced by the footballers and basketballers I looked up to as a young guy. Athletes like Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Durant inspired me to be who I was and in my own way. To me, Durant is the most humble superstar, and Rodgers has the confidence, the cool collected demeanor, and like me, he comes from a small town.

Kev Rodgers is based in Collingswood, New Jersey, but was born and raised in Camden, NJ. He has performed, recorded and produced across the United States, with notable projects in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Austin.

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