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Klassik Poet.


Klassik Poet. is hip-hop’s therapist. In his own words, “I think there are three main themes that are usually glorified in hip-hop, and that’s drugs, sex, and money. And –no judgement– I speak for the side of our culture that doesn’t usually get glorified.” Hailing from White Plains, New York, Klassik Poet.’s perspective on the often ignored but completely valid suburban Black experience brings a powerfully expressive voice to hip-hop’s public forum.

Klassik Poet.’s debut full-length album, “Before Things Get Weird” dropped in 2019, and featured the single “Impulse”. 2020 saw his “Highway” single become a streaming favorite on multiple music platforms, and his second album, ‘Kontradiction’ is scheduled for release in early 2021.

Klassik Poet. was raised in what is relatively unremarkable, suburban America. “I speak to the psyche and the insecurity of the Black suburban America I grew up in. I speak to the psyche of those who feel like they’re the underdog, or who’re overlooked, or feel they have to work ten times harder just to be seen as equal. I speak, as a euphoric storyteller, of the people who have a dream and can foresee themselves on a pedestal that nobody else can see them on, but they know they’ll get there.”

Klassik Poet. draws deeply on his own experiences and study of history, philosophy, and psychology. “I address insecurities through examining my own, and the universal truths we all share. I submerge myself into the minds of others, and I want to convey the message that I’m feeling with you.”

He’s also been positively influenced by his musician grandfather, Ray Patterson, who was a member of UK group Delegation, which earned crossover success in America during the 1970’s and early 1980’s.

The hip-hop therapist says, “Like you, I am not perfect. Like you, I have insecurities. Like you, I think deeply and like you, I have my dreams. In my music, I’m using myself as the example so that others are inspired in a positive way.” It is in this distinctive, motivating style of storytelling that Klassik Poet. is carving out an authentic territory in the hip-hop world.

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