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Lil Crush


Lil Crush brings powerful clarity of introspection to his powerful hip-hop rock cuts. He is journeying to fix the hurt in the world so that he can grow and heal himself. Lil Crush is the punk-rap hope-dealer.

Since his discovery by Minneapolis hip-hop legend MN Fats, the artist’s musical output has been prodigious. 2019 saw his first two EPs, the six-track “Rockstar from the 612” (which features the streaming hit “Wasted”) and the five-track “Loaded”, as well as the singles “Jimmychoo” and “Bad Luv”. In the first weeks of 2020, he burst into that tough year with the single “Texas” and kept the releases coming with four more singles, “Not Ur Fault”, “Lightyear”, fan favorite “Spice Girl”, and “Skrrt Skrrt”. 2020 was built for Lil Crush’s message of hope, and he closed out the year with his NEXS-collaboration, “Hoochie” and his Sunny Sota-collaboration album “Baby Goat 2” (from which, the soulful “Missed Calls” remained on Gary Vaynerchuk’s influential “Monday to Monday” Spotify playlist for seven weeks in early 2021).

Lil Crush said, “I focus on hope because too many people don’t do what they want with their lives, because someone told them they can’t. So I gave myself the job to make sure that people know everything is possible, if it’s your passion, and if you put the time and work into it.

“People these days are trying to be something they aren’t to please somebody else. That only causes unhappiness. And it evaporates off you into the air and you’re walking around with this negativity. That’s why you hate on people. That’s why you have insecurities.
“Trust me, I know insecurities. I’m somebody dealing with huge trust issues, and I know that’s a problem the rest of this world has too. This world needs to open up their minds and their hearts; that’s the solution. If everybody on this planet was open-minded, we would not have a problem.”

When asked about his stage name, Lil Crush said, “I’m a very masculine guy, right? But I’m not afraid to show my feminine side. You feel? I’m somebody that was very into punk music, very into rock. And what was that about? Punk’s about acceptance, like, ‘It’s okay to feel the way you want to feel.’ And a lot of times I was feeling a broken heart. So, going through high school, man, I would always be hanging out with all older kids and I would always have a crush on a different girl. Always. Like always, always, always! I went to New York with my grandma once, and she’s like, ‘The world’s going to have a little crush on you one day.’ And I’m like, ‘Hm.’ And I’m a shorter dude. So yeah, Lil Crush.”
That the phrase “to crush it” has only positive connotations is not lost on the hope-dealer. “Crushing is a symbol of hope. If you have a crush on somebody, it’s a hope that one day you might be with them. If you’re crushing it in life, you’re completing what you’ve hoped for.”

A Minneapolis native, Lil Crush is deeply involved with the Minneapolis-based philanthropic 10K Foundation, which brings direct support to crucial social justice and civil rights issues and promotes youth literacy, of which Lil Crush is greatly motivated by.

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