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Niko Brim


Niko Brim is a creator. He is somebody who puts the music first, somebody who has grown up with music flowing through his veins. Niko Brim is a humble king, and not unlike Evander Holyfield, he lets his work speak for itself. Niko Brim is the hip-hop storyteller.

Niko’s debut album, the ten-track “A Thousand Pictures: Book 1” was released in 2016 and was followed by the 15-track “A Thousand Pictures: Book 2” in 2018. 2019 saw three singles –all now streaming hits— “Feds Watching” (with Kamari), “Woke” (with Stunna Gang) and “No Breaks” (with Booka Banks). 2020 brought the singles “Hard to Believe” and “Bonita”.

Niko said, “I was one of those people who was heavily involved and inspired by hip-hop music and culture from the youngest age.”

Hailing from New York’s Mount Vernon (hometown of Sean Combs, Sidney Poitier, Nina Simone and Denzel Washington), he uses his prodigious talent to raise up the underdog’s perspective. The stories he weaves often take the perspective of characters who have a great deal to bring to their worlds, but are too often overlooked, counted-out.
Niko Brim is a rapper, a musician on drums and bass, an activist and a poet. “Right behind music comes community work”, he said. “My instincts pushed me to fight food insecurity, because access to nutritious food is a human right. And possibly because I was raised by five women –five queens– I have a powerful focus on helping single moms, single dads, families. People who may not have the time to step in with their children, creating programs and after school programs to keep children fed and to keep them occupied and out of the streets.”

Niko’s mom, Misa Hylton, is the stylist credited with helping shape hip-hop’s most iconic looks, including that of Lil’ Kim, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, 50 Cent, and Foxy Brown. Niko’s dad, JoJo Brim, is one of the music world’s most influential executives, managing and executive producing some of the most culturally relevant and iconic artist in the culture. Niko said, “I came up in a very creative household. I was in the studio for hours with my parents from six years old. The music industry never felt like a business to me, it felt like a culture.”

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